Become a Member

Online forms are submitted immediately to the timebank coordinator. 

If you downloaded the form, please email it to the timebank coordinator at

The Application Process
  1. Application Individuals 18 years old or older and organizations are encouraged to apply
  2. Screening
    • a. References– Each personal reference, received by either written form or phone contact, will be contacted approximately one week after submitting the application and their responses will be reviewed.
    • b. Interview

      All applicants must complete an interview, which will be conducted by the Coordinator. The Coordinator will check the application-related materials prior to the interview for any missing, unclear, or inconsistent information to address in the interview.

      Any questions regarding TimeBank can be clarified during the interview. 

      Applicants will be notified about the application result in approximately two weeks after submitting the application.

  3. Orientation

    a. All newly enrolled Glen Cove TimeBank members (individuals and organizations) are required to attend the orientation.

    b. At the end of orientation, each TimeBank member is required to sign that they have been notified of and will abide by the TimeBank Policies and Procedures.

    c. Failure to attend the orientation or complete this acknowledgement will preclude the member from participating in exchanges or other events.

    d. Orientation session will be held online or in-person.