Franca Trunzo

Executive Director

Glen Cove Boys and Girls Club 

What Does Age-Friendly Mean to You?

“Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club looks forward to the continued partnerships within the community and to serving the Age-Friendly population through events, activities, and increased engagement with our youth population. Glen Cove is such a wonderful location, providing a more livable community for people of all ages while enhancing the overall quality of life.”

Franca has been making a positive impact on the children of our community for nearly two decades. From teen volunteer to Club professional, the Boys & Girls Club has played a pivotal role in her life. Her passion for youth and services to the community proceeded to build in various capacities while establishing her career within the Boys & Girls Club movement. As a devoted Club professional, Franca was promoted to Executive Director at Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club in 2014, and recently celebrated her 13 year commitment to the Club. Under her leadership, she has transformed the Club by overseeing a multitude of much needed renovations and the implementation of new programs and services helping to improve the lives of our area youth and teens, and their families. In addition to her dedication to the Club, Franca serves as Co-President to The Professional Association Chapter, a resource for many Club Professionals across Long Island and the New York Area. Franca graduated from Locust Valley High School and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from New York Institute of Technology.